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Hula (Hawaiian dance)

with Kaiolani

Aloha, My name Kaiolani! My Halau's name is Hula Halau Na Hua `O Maile, which means, The young Bud of the Maile. My halau’s name was given by my kumu Hula Auntie Noelani McNitosh. Kaiolani Hula Studio is also our other name


Kaiolani had many request to please teach in other area then the Antelope Valley. In a few years later, Kaiolani was able to open two more places to teach his hula Sherman Oaks and Valencia. He always treated the three different places as if all were dancing under one place. No matter where you learned to dance the hula. When his halau would dance, you would not know they danced in different cities.
Today he no longer teach in Sherman Oaks or Valencia. Today he is very proud to be teaching in Silver Lake where he asked permission from Auntie Noelani and Uncle Dennis to for their blessing


Sundays 1pm to 3pm (always check with Kaiolani before coming as he is not in the studio every Sunday. Thanks!)

Classes is $45 for the month or $25 per class.

Note: This instructor is independent of Studio A Dance. For information, please contact the instructor directly (contact info below)

Contact:, phone:661-618-7633
facebook: "Hula Halau Na Hua `O Maile"
Kaiolani's website:

about Kaiolani


Kaiolani’s first hula teacher was his mom, she taught him from a very young age. His first hula includes Hukilau and Laupahoehoe, which he danced at family gatherings. He still includes these na mele in his repertoire today. He considers himself a late bloomer in hula. He did not dance hula until he reached high school in Maui at Lahainaluna High School where he was an boarder for 4 years. He joined the Hawaiiana Club where he was introduced to Auntie Lori Gomez, the adviser, and a senior Carlton Reichel, who today is a famous singer and dancer, Kumu Hula Keali’i Reichel! Kaiolani became the president of the Hawaiiana Club his senior year and danced all four years learning many different styles and learned many different hula from many different na kumu. After high school he got to dance with Kumu Peter Day and Kumu Keali’i Reichel on the island of Maui.

Then he moved to the Big Island in 1984, where his mom lived and was introduced to Kumu Ray Fonseca ( Halau Hula O Kahikilaulani). Here he learned yet another style of dancing and had the opportunity to compete at the Merrie Monarch in1985 and travel to Canada to perform with Kumu Ray Fonseca and Kumu Uncle George Na`ope.

He moved to California in 1986 met many Kumu Hula such as Auntie Sissy, Uncle Randy and the Chang family, and Keali’i Ceballos. His demands of working for the airlines did not afford him time to dance for 14 years.

Kaiolani was asked by Kanake in 1998 to help at E Hula Mau in Irvine. From here he found the joy of hula again when he met Kumu Hula Auntie Noelani Macintosh. where he became her Alaka’i. In the 8 years being with auntie, He learned more about Oli, chanting, and about a halau and is very greatful to Auntie.

Kaiolani moved to Quartz Hill in 2003, while he was still commuting down below to still dance for Auntie Noelani. After a few years later dancing in Silver Lake, Auntie would ask me to see if there was any interest in the Antelope Valley for hula. With that said, auntie Noelani was soon to give me permission to teach hula in the Antelope Valley and began his journey in the world as Kumu Hula.

In 2008 Auntie Noelani gave her blessing in 2008 at EHM in front of his own haumana and auntie’s haumana which was his past hula brothers and sisters. It was an honor for both halaus to be there and celebrate together as a hula ohana.

Kaiolani, loves to share our Aloha through his dances. He had his halau less than a year when he was asked to perform for a graduation party for a Hawaiian ohana. It was our first performance for everyone and in front of a Hawaiian ohana and their friends and family.
With just a short time begin together. We got to perform more out in the local community, private parties, and other major festivals. There more people got to see our shows. More people were asking where are we located and where do I teach? The Antelope Valley, where is that located. That is what he would get when he replied the location. It was not known that Antelope Valley had a hula group out here. Which they do have other halau’s out in Antelope Valley.

Today, He is still teaching and is in his 9th year as a Kumu Hula and his halau. We celebrate this month February his birth of his halau. He is very proud of all who came and gone through his halau. He is very thankful for his mommy who he still calls for advice and help. He as many accomplishments as well to be thankful for to his Na haumana. He would like to say Mahalo to Miller, Ohana, Na haumana, and friends that been there through the years. Mahalo mahalo mahalo!!! .

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