Acting: The Deep Dive

Ann Noble

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the deep dive

This 8-week courses run 3 or 4 times per year. Please inquire when next session begins.

The class runs from 6:00 PM-10 pm

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Why does that character DO that?  How many times do we find ourselves asking this question, especially when dealing with what we often call our theatre's most "challenging" characters.  Even if we feel a strong affinity for a character, we inevitably come up against something the character does or says that just baffles us.  At least it baffles our minds.  In this class, through the vehicle of scene study, we will take a "deep dive" into the motivations of characters, exploring the nature of unconscious (and conscious) desire and longing, to come to an understanding of why and how both we as actors and as characters come to do the things we do, try to get what we think we want to get, and hide and protect the aches and pains we carry within.  The goal is always to be free within the character, and that only comes through understanding, not just in our minds, but in our bodies and hearts as well.

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About Ann Noble   

Ann Noble is a professional actor, playwright and educator with over twenty-five years of experience.  Originally from Chicago, she graduated from Northwestern and co-founded the Irish Theatre Company of Chicago (formally Seanachai Theatre).  She is a member of Rogue Machine Theatre and Antaeus Theatre here in L.A.  Her plays have been produced all over the world, and her recent SoCal theatre acting credits include work with South Coast Rep, Antaeus, Rogue, Moving Arts, The Road, The Odyssey, The Victory, Malibu Playhouse, Sierra Madre Playhouse, Moving Arts and ETC of Santa Barbara.  She is also a chaplain for the L.A County jails and teaches theatre to incarcerated/under-served youth, including work with Homeboy Industries and L.A.'s Museum of the Holocaust.

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