Desire Destefano

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Floor Barre® and Ballet

Floor barre Friday: 8:30PM to 9:30PM

Weekly, but minimum 5 sign-ups needed by Wednesday to hold class each week.


Ballet: Desirè has proposed a Ballet class NOON-1:30 PM on Saturdays. Please contact her if you are interested and she will put you on a list and in turn contact you when the class begins.


Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® is a ballet-based technique that sculpts the body, creating long, exquisite lines as the body’s physical structure is consistently centered, lengthened and strengthened. A gently effective, wonderful technique that delivers results by allowing the participant to focus on proper alignment combined with thoughtful, precise movement – without the pressures of gravity. Floor-Barre® is beneficial for everyone- dancers, athletes, the injured, seniors, kids, anyone who strives for a deeper alignment and connection between mind and body. Knowledge of ballet is not required.

*Floor-Barre® is doctor endorsed for injury prevention and rehabilitation.


For more information, please visit  NOTE: this program is independent of Studio A Dance, please contact the instructor directly