Heidi Prendergast


Monday Morning Ballet

all levels

Mondays 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

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This traditional ballet class presents a focus on working from a properly aligned pelvis and spine to achieve supported rotation in the legs and overall frame. This is a beginner/intermediate class great for students of all levels to work on proper alignment, breath and movement, and fluidity through transition.  

About Heidi

Heidi Prendergast began her performing career at a young age traveling around Asia and Europe. She started her classical training at the age of fourteen studying at Cleo Parker Robinson, Lemon Spongecake, Boulder Ballet and Longmont Dance Theater she continued her education receiving her BFA in dance and choreography from the University of Colorado. During that time she trained and performed with Gabriel Mason, Onye Ozuzu, Michelle Ellsworth, Robin Haig, Rennie Harris, Kevin Wynn and Susan Marshall. After graduating she moved to New York where she continued to perform, with various dance companies and her own work, at Dance New Amsterdam, Triskillieon Arts, The Kitchen, St. Marks and other venues. Since moving to Los Angeles Heidi has been teaching movement, dance, and yoga throughout southern California focusing on alignment and strength in all forms. She also performs with Out of Habit, a multidisciplinary movement company and creates her own work using video and sound in collaboration with other artists. Heidi is a certified yoga instructor through YogaWorks.

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