Posture & Core





A Pilates-Based Group Class with a focus on FASCIA!



(No admittance after 9:00 am for safety reasons.)

note: class does not meet on the following days: October 5, and October 19


Reservations are helpful: Text or Call Eve @ 818-427-2751

Taught by Eve Salazar, PMA®-CPT

            This group class is for Pilates-lovers looking for a movement experience emphasizing pristine form, spinal function, breath, and flow with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher! We will challenge patterns of tension and instability in the body’s fascia and muscular systems by holding and breathing into poses or movements with the goal of creating increased suppleness and giving the body a better chance at managing stress, load, and increasing range of motion through awareness.

                        Additionally, POSTURE & CORE class will explore a different “theme” or Pilates principle each week, frequently using props (balls, bands, blocks, etc.) to hone in on the specific fascia line or chain of the body. The body’s fascia network is key to suppleness and longevity in supporting muscular and organ structures. Examples of Pilates Principles: Awareness, Balance, Breath, Coordination, Concentration, Strength, Flow, Precision, and More! “The mind creates the body!” –Joseph Pilates

          Participation Requirement: Must be able to get up and down off a hard floor easily with no assistance or spotting. This class is not recommended for pregnancy, scoliosis, or significant spinal cord problems. Minimum Age= 14 (with parental consent)

What to Bring

·      Please provide your own YOGA/PILATES MAT for traction and padding during work done on the floor.

·      A small personal towel is recommended for use in class.

·      CLEAN bare feet or grip socks recommended.

            Class Fee $25/Person — CASH OR VENMO ONLY PLEASE.

            This class fee is somewhat higher than some group classes due to an ongoing variety of props/tools provided by the teacher and the cost related. Props facilitate greater feedback and a better understanding of the work! No personal checks, no credit cards.    


Evelyn (Eve) Salazar began studying ballet at age 6. Throughout her her teens and twenties Eve participated in a variety of sports and athletics (equestrian sports, dancing ballet, singing, gymnastics, and theatrical performance. Movement has always been part of Eve's life. 

Eve holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree completing a double major in Theatrical Technical/Costume Design and Acting/Directing in 2004. At 24, Eve took on the role that would define her life: motherhood. Eve became a mother... and the body that had always stayed naturally lean and strong through dance and gymnastics and equine activities... morphed into an overweight and weak body with a tear in the abdominal wall and pelvic floor dysfunction. Pilates changed all that and then some! 

  "I was suddenly quite chubby (50 pounds overweight!), couldn't engage my abdominals, and incredibly weak... at the ripe old age of... 24! Something had to be done. I didn't want to be in THAT body for the rest of my life!"

Immediately after healing from childbirth, Eve began working with Ada Wells, the owner and Physical Therapist/Pilates Teacher at ProBalance in Alameda, California. Ada Wells was Eve's first Pilates teacher. Eve also trained with Christine Naish, a professional ballerina and Pilates teacher in the Bay Area.

By doing Pilates 3-5 times per week, Eve lost all that baby weight and gained a much stronger body, recovering from old injuries in the process. Pilates ensured that an old knee injury from dancing did not require surgery. Pilates ensured that a spinal injury from cheerleading in high school (spondylolisthesis) was stabilized (also avoiding surgery)! 

 After moving to Los Angeles in 2006, Eve pursued and completed a Mat Licensing/Certification with Body Arts and Sciences, International (BASI) in March 2007, and began teaching pilates. Other Pilates licensing followed with Pilates Sports Center and then, most notably, Eve's completion of the entire Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study, a comprehensive study of Joseph Pilates' AND Ron Fletcher's work in the Fletcher Lineage of Pilates (2014). Eve has also completed Levels 1, 2, and 3 in the Oov Education Program and teaches Pilates on the Oov. Eve commits to continuing education each year to stay fresh, learn new things, and provide her students with the most current information the movement field has to offer.