Wild & Free


Wild & Free

Sundays: 11:30AM- 1 PM

Wild and Free is an empowering, energetic, and non-competitive dance class where we practice presence and embodiment through movement (cardio dance), meditation, and the magic that occurs when a community of people create a safe space for each other to experience who they truly are. Derived from the tradition of Yoga Booty Ballet™, Wild and Free seeks to reconnect us to our roots through the sacred, age-old tradition of communal dancing. Get in touch with your wildness through fun, easy, living room dance party style choreography and become free by being present with your true self, all in a safe, fun, party-like atmosphere.

Valerie Chaney


Valerie Chaney is a certified dance and meditation instructor who also has experience teaching female empowerment to young girls. She is passionate about topics like consciousness, the interconnectedness of everything, feminism and body positivity. She seeks to create supportive communities of sisterhood where women can create space for each other to heal and awaken.


$10 per class

Contact Valerie

For more information contact Valerie: wnfdance@gmail.com

Note: Valerie’s program is independent of Studio A Dance, so all inquiries should be directed to her.