Bertha SUAREZ Blankenship




Advanced Ballet Bravura

Wednesday 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Although an advanced class, Bertha welcomes all! An added bonus: Bertha often gives a demonstration 'en pointe' after class, and when her flawless partner is there --which is often-- they will exhibit a pas de deux. Not to be missed!

$16 per class, 10 classes $140


Cuban Ballet Bravura

Thursday 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Bertha describes the term 'bravura" as letting go of inhibitions and allowing the dance to come from your heart. That said, as a teacher, Bertha's innate bravura floats through the studio and envelops each and every dancing soul. Become a part of this grand tradition!

$16 per class, 10 classes $140



About Bertha

Bertha Suarez Blankenship is a native of Cuba who danced in Principal Roles with the Ballet De Camaguey, under the direction of Fernando Alonso, the Father of Cuban Ballet, and with the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, under the Direction of the iconic Alicia Alonso.

In 1994, while on tour with the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Bertha defected two hours before performing Swan Lake on the Caribbean Island of Martinique, eventually finding freedom in the United States and performing under the direction of the late legendary Fernando Bujones. who heralded Bertha in the El Nuevo Herald (the Miami Herald) in an article published in December 1994 and said: “Bertha Suarez… an extraordinary ballerina”.

Since arriving in the United States, Bertha has created and produced a series of Performances and a methodology of Ballet Instruction that have inspired many participants and spectators to appreciate the powerful and evocative Ballet Art

NOTE: this program is independent of Studio A Dance, please contact the instructor directly
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