Studio A Dance in Silver Lake (Silverlake) presents a series of dance concerts in our intimate performance venue, DanceSpot. Our goal is to provide a performance space where local companies can show their work and audiences can see dancers up close. Often choreographers may not have a place to perform, be it because of limited repertoire, or lack of funds to rent a venue. We at DanceSpot understand the dilemma and want to help to share your art.

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February 17, 2018 at 8 PM

theme: FreeSpot

Dances relating to freedom -- acts of Freedom-- such as....

freedom from oppression, freedom from abuse, freedom of choice,etc. choreographers, be creative with this theme!

Companies or soloists audition by submitting a bio and a video (DVD or youTube) of proposed piece (If your piece is a work in progress, please show us any sample of your past works with a detailed description of the proposed piece). Dances are limited to 8 minutes. Companies are limited to 3 performances within a 12-month period. Submission deadline: Three weeks prior to performance date.



* Approximately one week prior to performance, each company techs for 15 minutes at DanceSpot to get a feel of the space and to collaborate on lighting cues which we will program for you.
* One large shared dressing room is available for all dancers

* company size limed to 8 performers, unless otherwise arranged with Bill or Cristine
* Audience seating capacity is 55, and tickets will be $20 each ($25 at the door without reservations). No comps. Only one exception: If the choreographer is not dancing in his or her piece, we will comp that person as an audience member. Comps are non-transferable. Reservations made through Studio A Dance.

* We will post your dance description and dance photo on this page prior to each show so that you can link friends.

* Note: because of the nature of our theatre, floorwork is unable to be seen by much of the audience if performed downstage, so we suggest keeping the floorwork to mid-stage and upstage. Secondly, rosin is not allowed on our floor.

QUOTA: We ask that choreographers/performers meet the audience quota as follows, and we request that one performer from each dance donate 1/2 hour to help strike after the show:
a. Soloists must bring 3 audience members.

b. Duets: six

c. Trios: seven

d. Quartets and above: eight

e. Friends & family of choreographers & performers must reserve by close of Wednesday of performance week. (FYI: proceeds from Box office cover mounting expenses. And the remainder to theater improvements)


DanceSpot @ Studio A: description below & photos at the bottom of our rental page

* Black Box stage: Floor to ceiling Black Duvetyn drapes with 2 upstage entrances and one mid-stage wing.
* Oak sprung floor
* 12 separate lighting schemes with programmable time faders
* Limit of 6 lighting cue changes per company
* Performance area is 24 feet wide by 20 feet deep


If you are interested in auditioning for DanceSpot, please submit a DVD or send us a link to web videos, and a short bio of your company/soloist to:
DanceSpot @ Studio A Dance in the HYPERION ARTS COMPLEX
2306 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027


 Phone: 323 661 8311 or E-mail:
Thank You,
Bill Brown, Creative Director
Cristine Tatomer, Project Manager