Hannah Zlomke


Private Dance Lessons

with Hannah Zlomke

Private lessons

(including first wedding dances)

Hannah is a dancer has worked on music videos, tv shows, and commercials. She has worked for Timbaland, Kiiara and much more. She is trained in hip-hop, ballet, and Jazz Funk. She is Available for private lessons. She loves to help people get comfortable in their body and with movement. Schedule a private lesson with her for one-on-one dance training! If you are looking for a dance to celebrate a social day such as wedding she would be a great fit for you.


Book a pop-up class at Studio A Dance with Hannah.

Examples: a bachelorette party dance class, a kids hip-hop class, a wedding party dance, a stopover hip-hop (or other) class during a ‘roaming birthday party’

NOTE: this program is independent of Studio A Dance, please contact the instructor directly (link below)

email: hg85alive@yahoo.com

Phone: 262-490-6897 (prefer text please)